I created my first tattoo at the age of 21, and I started getting more serious about tattooing after attending the BMXnet seminars in Germany in October 2013. I started my professional career a year later, at the piercing and tattoo studio Chebela in Celje. In 2015, my creative progress was also confirmed by winning my first prize at the Slovenian tattoo convention.

From the very beginning, I have been striving to create unique tattoos. My style is constantly changing and evolving. At the beginning of my career, my challenge were mainly black and white realistic tattoos, but over time I started using lines, colours and more recently the “dotwork” shading technique.

In 2021 i decided to start my own tatoo studio in Celje center. The studio is a closed type, which means that it is always necessary to book in advance.

Tattoo artist

Studio Chebela Celje

Tatooing style:

  • realistic (blackandgrey)
  • dotwork
  • fineline