What do I need to know before getting a tattoo?

After getting a tattoo, visiting public baths, the sea, saunas, etc. is postponed for one month. The tattoo should also not be exposed to sunlight during this period. Please keep this in mind when booking your appointment. If you have problems with dry skin, start applying moisturizer two weeks before the tattoo session. Come to […]

Tatoo aftercare

The first week (up to 7 days) we cover the tattoo with a special foil that protects the tattooed skin. Leave it on the skin until it can cover the tattoo well, when it starts to come off, remove it and start with the care. After removing the foil, leave the tattoo dry for 12-24 […]

Frequently asked questions

This will be my first tattoo, what will the pain be like? When getting a tattoo, the most important thing is the mental readiness for the procedure and the desire for getting one. Each individual has their own pain threshold, and much also depends on the location of the tattoo and its style. On some […]