Frequently asked questions

This will be my first tattoo, what will the pain be like?

When getting a tattoo, the most important thing is the mental readiness for the procedure and the desire for getting one. Each individual has their own pain threshold, and much also depends on the location of the tattoo and its style.

On some parts, tattooing can even be pleasurable, but after a long session of tattooing it can also happen that the pain becomes unbearable. In these cases, the process is divided into several terms.

How much does a tattoo cost?

Because of the work space preparation and disposable equipment, the starting price is 40 € (up to 15 min.). For larger motifs, the price of a tattoo is 70-100 €/h.

The hourly rate is a kind of guide and tool for a rough estimate of the price. Most often, however, a fixed price is set before the tattooing process is started.

General advice: The hourly rate is the best way to estimate the value, but it can be misleading to compare prices between tattoo artists, as we set the hourly rate based on our knowledge and also the speed of tattooing. The lowest hourly rate does not mean the cheapest tattoo. The price should not be one of the main reasons for choosing a tattoo.


Can you tattoo a motif that I drew myself or it was drawn by a friend?

Each drawing comes in handy to make it easier for me to understand your wishes, many times I even ask the client to make a quick sketch of what they may not be able to explain in words. Usually, however, these drawings are not detailed enough to be suitable for a tattoo, so I prepare the motif anew.


I found this illustration on Instagram, can you tattoo it for me?

I never copy the work of other authors unless the client purchases a certificate to obtain permission to create a tattoo. Some illustrators have this option in their offer, with others you can always try to get their permission. I have tattooed this way in the past and would happily do so in the future.


Will my tattoo fade over time?

Yes, tattoos age with us and slowly fade. In order for our tattoo to remain beautiful over the years, the quality of the workmanship is primarily important, and later also skin care. Tattoos fade when exposed to the sun, so we can slow down this process considerably by using sunscreens and skin care products in general. Tattoos are more beautiful when the skin is healthy and hydrated.


Can I cover up an old tattoo?

If the motif is bright enough and not too big, overlapping is possible with a larger and darker tattoo, which is often not in line with the client’s wishes. Laser removal is also a time-consuming, painful and expensive procedure that pretty much destroys the skin, and tattoos can never be completely removed.


I’m underage, can I still get a tattoo at your studio?

In my personal opinion it is reasonable to wait until the age of 18 before getting a tattoo. I tattoo children under the age of 18 only in the presence of their parents or legal guardians. However, the law prohibits tattooing of persons under 15 years of age.


Are the colours you use vegan?

Yes, not only the colours, but also all the other material I use is vegan.